Association Resources

Reports & Minutes:

Treasury Reports

All bank statements are kept on file at the association office.


Governing board agendas.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of monthly & special meetings.

Association Bylaws

Declarations of covenants, conditions, and restrictions.

Resources & Helpful Links:

Neighborhood Watch Meetings:

  • Second Tuesday of each month – 6:00 PM
  • Ainaloa Longhouse

Family Activities Events:

  • One activity each month, open to all Ainaloa families

Yard Sale Guidelines / Rules:

• Set up 6 AM
• Once space is set up, please park in rear of Longhouse Tables/spaces must not occupy parking spaces
• Inside Spaces are First Come, First Served
• Outside spaces
• Must provide own table and/or pop-up $5 Refundable cleaning fee
• Once space is clean, refund will be made $10 fee per space for Non-Ainaloa Residents One space free for Ainaloa Residents w/ID showingaddress and name
• State ID, Lease, Utility Bill Additional spaces for Ainaloa Residents @ $10 each.
• Food sales must be pre-cooked or non-cooked items
• No cooking on premises, Kitchen not available
• No beverage sales allowed: except for fundraising for Ainaloa Family Activities Fund Items not allowed for sale
• No animals
• No firearms, ammunition, or weapons
• No fireworks
• No illegal items
• Tear Down 12 Noon
• Unwanted/unsold items may not be placed in trash cans
• If you wish to donate unwanted items to Goodwill, your cleaning deposit can be donated and those items will be transported to Goodwill for you (space available).

Abandoned Vehicle Procedure:

1) Call Police Dispatch 935-3311
a. Give a detailed description of vehicle, location, License Plate #, VIN #, and people.
2) Call Homeowner’s Association Office to Notify GM
a. Give a detailed description of vehicle, location, License Plate #, VIN #, and people.
3) When available – Police will:
a. Observe to see if vehicle is on easement or roadway (Will not make an AV on private Property)
b. Will check if the vehicle is stolen
c. Will check if the vehicle is wanted as part of any other investigation
d. Police will mark as AV (Must be at the same location for longer than 24 hours)
e. If not removed when Police follow up an “Abandoned Vehicle Report” is initiated
4) Officer must complete the report and send it to his/her supervisor
5) Supervisor must review and approve report
6) Once the report is approved The “Abandoned Vehicle Coordinator” makes arrangements with the towing company to remove it within 72 Hrs. 
Some items of note:
AV’s on private property become the owners of the properties responsibility HPD does not enforce Community Covenants that prohibit parking on easements. (Or any other Community Covenant for that matter).

Albizia Complaints:

When you have a complaint regarding an Albizia Tree on someone’s property that is hazardous and affects the health, safety, and well-being of a person and/or their home and property please contact the property owner and send pictures and a letter regarding the situation. Send the letter by certified mail. Give the property owner sufficient time to respond and a reasonable time to mitigate the hazardous situation.

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